Department of Administration
FY2012 Enacted Budget

Operating Budget

Capital Budget Detail

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Capital Budget Detail
Allocations are expenditure guidelines for particular purposes within an appropriation.
Project TitleBackup Documents
AppropriationFY2012 Atwood Building and Linny Pacillo Parking Garage Improvements
AppropriationFY2012 Classification System Conversion
AppropriationFY2012 Combined Retirement System Upgrade
AppropriationFY2012 Motor Vehicles Automatic Queuing System
AppropriationFY2012 Retirement and Benefits Disaster Recovery System
AppropriationFY2012 Retirement and Benefits Document Management System
AppropriationFY2012 Statewide Administrative Systems Replacement Final Phase
AppropriationFY2012 Statewide Network Connectivity Upgrades
AppropriationFY2012 Statewide Deferred Maintenance Projects
     Allocation     FY2012 Enterprise Technology Services Anchorage Facilities Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2012 Enterprise Technology Services Fairbanks Facilities Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2012 Facilities IP Phone Upgrade and Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2012 Non-Public Building Fund Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2012 Public Building Fund Anchorage Facilities Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2012 Public Building Fund Juneau Facilities Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2012 State of Alaska Telecommunication System Deferred Maintenance year 2 of 5