Department of Administration
FY2013 Proposed Budget

Operating Budget

Capital Budget Detail

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Operating Budgets
This Budget Book reflects the Governor's Proposed Budget. When available, the Components on the right are subdivisions of the Results Delivery Unit on the left.
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Department of Administration
Results Delivery Unit
Centralized Administrative ServicesOffice of Administrative HearingsChart
DOA Leases 
Office of the CommissionerChart
Administrative ServicesChart
DOA Information Technology SupportChart
Labor RelationsChart
Centralized Human Resources 
Retirement and BenefitsChart
Health Plans Administration 
Labor Agreements Miscellaneous Items 
Centralized ETS Services 
Unallocated Reduction 
General ServicesPurchasingChart
Property ManagementChart
Central MailChart
Lease AdministrationChart
Facilities AdministrationChart
Non-Public Building Fund FacilitiesChart
General Services Facilities Maintenance 
Administration State Facilities RentAdministration State Facilities Rent 
Special SystemsUnlicensed Vessel Participant Annuity Retirement Plan 
Elected Public Officers Retirement System Benefits 
Enterprise Technology ServicesState of Alaska Telecommunications SystemChart
Alaska Land Mobile Radio 
Enterprise Technology Services 
Information Services FundInformation Services Fund 
Public Communications ServicesPublic Broadcasting Commission 
Public Broadcasting - Radio 
Public Broadcasting - T.V. 
Satellite Infrastructure 
Risk ManagementRisk Management 
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation CommissionAlaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 
Legal and Advocacy ServicesOffice of Public AdvocacyChart
Public Defender Agency 
Violent Crimes Compensation BoardViolent Crimes Compensation Board 
Alaska Public Offices CommissionAlaska Public Offices Commission 
Division of Motor VehiclesMotor Vehicles 
ETS Facilities MaintenanceETS Facilities Maintenance 

Capital Budget Detail
Allocations are expenditure guidelines for particular purposes within an appropriation.
Project Title
AppropriationFY2013 Nome State Office Building and Courthouse
AppropriationFY2013 Juneau - Repair State Office Building Parking Garage Phase 1 of 3
AppropriationFY2013 Alaska Geologic Materials Center Replacement Facility
AppropriationFY2013 Douglas Island Building Renovation Phase 1 of 3
AppropriationFY2013 Enterprise Technology System Bandwidth Monitoring Toolset
AppropriationFY2013 Enterprise Technology System Bandwidth Improvement Project for Rural Sites
AppropriationFY2013 Division of Motor Vehicles - Driver Knowledge Testing System
AppropriationFY2013 Retirement and Benefits Disaster Recovery System Year 2 of 2
AppropriationFY2013 Retirement and Benefits Combined Retirement System Upgrade Year 3 of 5
AppropriationFY2013 Retirement and Benefits Document Management System Year 3 of 4
AppropriationFY2013 Deferred Maintenance, Renewal, Repair and Equipment
     Allocation     FY2013 Division General Services Public Building Fund Buildings Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2013 Facilities IP Phone Upgrade and Deferred Maintenance Year 2 of 2
     Allocation     FY2013 Non-Public Building Fund Deferred Maintenance
     Allocation     FY2013 State of Alaska Telecommunications System (SATS) Deferred Maintenance, Year 3 of 5