Department of Fish and Game
FY2014 Enacted Budget

Operating Budget

Capital Budget Detail

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Capital Budget Detail
Allocations are expenditure guidelines for particular purposes within an appropriation.
Project TitleBackup Documents
AppropriationFY2013 Reapprop to DFG for licensing system - Est $2,000,000
AppropriationFY2014 Chinook Salmon Enhancement in Northern Cook Inlet Document 1
AppropriationFY2014 Chinook Salmon Research Initiative
AppropriationFY2014 Facilities, Vessels and Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Upgrades
AppropriationFY2014 Salmon Research, Restoration and Enhancement Initiatives for the Susitna River Drainage System Document 1
AppropriationFY2014 Sport Fish Recreational Boating Access
AppropriationFY2015 Deferred Maintenance, Renewal, Repair and Equipment
     Allocation     FY2014 Statewide Fish Passages, Counting and Sampling Sites, and Weir Facilities
     Allocation     FY2014 Statewide Small Field Site and Camp Facilities
     Allocation     FY2014 Statewide Warehouse and Workshop Facilities
AppropriationFY2013 Wild/Hatchery Salmon Management Tools