Department of Labor
FY2012 Proposed Budget

Operating Budget

Capital Budget Detail

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Operating Budgets
This Budget Book reflects the Governor's Proposed Budget. When available, the Components on the right are subdivisions of the Results Delivery Unit on the left.
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Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Results Delivery Unit
Office of the CommissionerCommissioner's OfficeChart
Alaska Labor Relations AgencyChart
Administrative ServicesManagement ServicesChart
Human Resources 
Data ProcessingChart
Labor Market InformationChart
Workers' CompensationWorkers' CompensationChart
Workers Compensation Appeals CommissionChart
Workers Compensation Benefits Guaranty Fund 
Second Injury FundChart
Fishermens FundChart
Labor Standards and SafetyWage and Hour AdministrationChart
Mechanical InspectionChart
Occupational Safety and HealthChart
Alaska Safety Advisory Council 
Employment SecurityEmployment and Training ServicesChart
Unemployment InsuranceChart
Adult Basic EducationChart
Business PartnershipsWorkforce Investment BoardChart
Business ServicesChart
Kotzebue Technical Center Operations Grant 
Southwest Alaska Vocational and Education Center Operations Grant 
Yuut Elitnaurviat, Inc. People's Learning Center Operations Grant 
Northwest Alaska Career and Technical Center 
Delta Career Advancement Center 
New Frontier Vocational Technical Center 
Construction Academy Training 
Vocational RehabilitationVocational Rehabilitation AdministrationChart
Client ServicesChart
Independent Living RehabilitationChart
Disability DeterminationChart
Special Projects 
Assistive Technology 
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)Chart
Alaska Vocational Technical CenterAlaska Vocational Technical CenterChart
AVTEC Facilities MaintenanceChart

Capital Budget Detail
Allocations are expenditure guidelines for particular purposes within an appropriation.
Project TitleBackup Documents
AppropriationFY2012 Maritime Vessel Simulator Projection System Upgrade
AppropriationFY2012 Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center Construction and Equipment Purchase
AppropriationFY2012 AVTEC Deferred Maintenance