Office of Management & Budget Contacts

Court Plaza Building, 240 Main St. Suite 802, Juneau, AK 99801
P.O. Box 110020, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0020 - Phone (907) 465-4660, Fax (907) 465-2090


  • Pat Pitney
    (907) 465-4660, (907) 465-2090 fax
  • Vacant, OMB Executive Assistant
    Director and Policy Analyst Support

Policy Analysts

  • John Boucher, Senior Economist
    (907) 465-4677: Long Range Fiscal Plan, Revenue/ Financing, Permanent Fund Division/Corporation, Economic Resource Development (gas line), and Statewide Administrative Issues (PERS/TRS, Information Technology, Broadband, AIDEA).
  • Arnold Liebelt, Senior Policy Analyst
    (907) 465-4676: Legislative Liaison, Fiscal Notes, Deferred Maintenance, Energy (Alaska Energy Authority, AHFC, Energy Performance), Transportation Infrastructure (Roads, Harbors, Ports, Alaska Marine Hwy System), and Community Development (Revenue Sharing, Climate Change, Coastal Zone Management, Village Safe Water).
  • Craig Kahklen, Management Analyst
    (907) 465-3559: Performance Management, Federal Liaison, Heath/Education/Workforce (K-12 Education, University, Labor, and DHSS), Criminal Justice, Performance Audits, and Regulation Review.

Budget Analysts


  • Kym Mauseth, Senior Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4684 – Governor, Legislature, Operating ABS Scenarios, Fiscal Summary, Debt Service, Fund Transfers, Bill Sectionals, Ratifications, Internal Procedures, Op Bud Instructions and Statewide Budget Reports.
  • Adam Bryan, Capital Coordinator
    (907) 465-4690 – Health & Social Services, Mental Health Budget, and Capital Budget Coordination.


  • Vacant, Budget Analyst
    Education & Early Development, Military & Veterans Affairs, University, Public Education Fund, Auto AB, Fiscal Notes tracking, Disaster Policy Cabinet, Community Funding.
  • Brian Fechter, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4693 – Transportation, Revenue, and Surveys.
  • Samantha Gatton, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4698 – Environmental Conservation, Fish & Game, Natural Resources, Position Approval Reports, Position Count Reports, RP Logger Reports and Position Transfer Reports.
  • Brook Larson, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4787 – Corrections, Law, Public Safety, Alaska Court System, DVSA Lead, Final Authorized and Actuals,  IRIS Lead, ALDER Lead, Salary/Labor Costs and Use of Certain Funds.
  • Vacant, Budget Analyst
    Administration, Commerce, Labor & Workforce Development, Appropriation Log.


Alaska Budget System