Office of Management & Budget Contacts

Court Plaza Building, 240 Main St. Suite 802, Juneau, AK 99801
P.O. Box 110020, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0020 - Phone (907) 465-4660, Fax (907) 465-2090


Policy Analysts

  • John Boucher, Senior Economist
    (907) 465-4677: Long Range Fiscal Plan, Revenue/ Financing, Permanent Fund Division/Corporation, Economic Resource Development (gas line), and Statewide Administrative Issues (PERS/TRS, Information Technology, Broadband, AIDEA).
  • Arnold Liebelt, Senior Policy Analyst
    (907) 465-4676: Legislative Liaison, Fiscal Notes, Deferred Maintenance, Energy (Alaska Energy Authority, AHFC, Energy Performance), Transportation Infrastructure (Roads, Harbors, Ports, Alaska Marine Hwy System) and Criminal Justice (Public Safety, Law, Corrections).
  • Craig Kahklen, Management Analyst
    (907) 465-3559: Performance Framework, ARRA 2009 Coordinator, Denali Commission, Federal Requests, Community Development (Revenue Sharing, Climate Change, Coastal Zone Management, Village Safe Water), Heath/Education/Workforce (K-12 Education, University, Labor, and DHSS) and Program/Performance-Audits.

Budget Analysts

  • Kelly O'Sullivan, Chief Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4681, (907) 465-2090 fax – Operating Bills and Amendments,  MH Bill and Amendments, Capital Bill and Amendments, Statewide Rates, LB&A, Internet Content and RP Manual Revision Lead.
  • Linda Schauwecker, Admin Support Tech
    (907) 465-4699, (907) 465-2090 fax – Budget Analysts and Audit Support
  • Brook Larson, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4787 – Corrections, Law, Public Safety, Alaska Court System, DVSA Lead, Final Authorized and Actuals,  IRIS Lead, ALDER Lead, RP Manual Revision Co-Lead, Salary/Labor Costs and Use of Certain Funds.
  • Brian Fechter, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4699 – Transportation.
  • Karen Elliott, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-2178 – Education & Early Development, Military & Veterans Affairs, University, Public Education Fund, Auto AB, Fiscal Notes tracking, Public Education Fund, Surveys and Disaster Policy Cabinet.
  • Lena Simmons, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4697 – Environmental Conservation, Fish & Game, Natural Resources, Position Approval Reports, Position Count Reports, RP Logger Reports and Position Transfer Reports.
  • Adam Bryan, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4690 – Health & Social Services and Mental Health Budget.
  • Kym Mauseth, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-4684 – Governor, Legislature, Operating ABS Scenarios, Fiscal Summary, Debt Service, Fund Transfers, Bill Sectionals, Ratifications, Internal Procedures, Op Bud Instructions and Statewide Budget Reports.
  • Tom Narvaez, Budget Analyst
    (907) 465-8235 – Administration, Commerce, Labor & Workforce Development, Appropriation Log and Statewide Rate Tracking.


Alaska Budget System